Getting Started Teaching in a Makerspace

I’ve been hard at work this summer, preparing to start teaching 7th and 8th grade students to be Makers. I know many middle school students who have a passion to design, build, and create, but most of these students would simply say that they are having fun. Nevertheless, I believe that students benefit from structured making time lest a busy schedule crowd out their creative tinkering. I’ve spent the last week organizing my room, ordering supplies, and visioning how I can move making at my school beyond the walls of the makerspace.

Here’s my vision for Makers this year, soon to be immortalized on my syllabus:

In Makers, students will unlock the power of everyday objects. Students will use engineering design processes to design, build, and create. The Makers classroom is a collaborative, constructive, and positive environment where students will stretch their creative problem solving abilities. Through keeping a detailed design journal, students will develop confidence in tackling projects big and small. Students will also gain skills in presenting their work to diverse audiences. 


Adventures in a Maker Space